Article by: Jan Verhoeff

Posted By: Daniel Genchi

Everyone has twitter? Really? I’m shocked. Although it’s a readily available messenger (even from your phone) that gives all your peeps the message at once, I was really surprised when my son said, “Everyone has twitter.”

Then I realized, I don’t know very many adults in business who don’t HAVE twitter, and most of them use it frequently. Many of them don’t know what it is. So, to help those who have missed the latest birdie boat – Twitter is a unique kind of social marketing that allows you to post giblets of 140 characters each, adding flavor, traffic, and informative BUZZ to your website. The primary site doesn’t have to be related or relevant to your site – but if you’re not promoting your website there – you’ve MISSED the tweet boat. Return immediately to the doc and get it right!

Tweet Tip #1 –

Occasionally, say something valuable with no links attached. Your peeps want to know what’s going on in your life, of value – not how many carrot sticks you ate for lunch – without following the link.

Tweet Tip #2 –

Use HASH tags to identify specific kinds of tweets. Like a #TweetTip is a tip that encourages and motivates tweeters to use the program effectively. Use wisely – and please, don’t abuse them.

Tweet Tip #3 –

Use shorter than usual URL’s please. Find a quick URL snipper and cut that long URL into a manageable size unit with less than 30 characters. (Your peeps will love you.)

Tweet Tip #4 –

Encourage your readers to follow people who offer relevant data on their twitter, and suggest information through twitter.

Tweet Tip #5 –

Promote your article marketing with auto-tweets to your peeps from, so you can spend more of your valuable time writing articles.

Tweet Tip #6 –

Include your twitter ID on various posts to refer people to your account. Encourage them to follow you to find valuable information. (Be sure to produce.)

Tweet Tip #7 –

RT tweets you believe your followers would be interested in reading. Don’t over do it, your peeps may be following other peeps you follow too.

Are you ready to get onto the twitter power line and tweet your peeps?

I know it’s corny as all get out – but you really gotta do this!