On 06/21/11 5:37 PM, Pamela Moore wrote:
Hello Daniel: I am actually a competitor of yours, but I’m doing research on our industry. I am testing regions of the country to learn where our industry has been hit the hardest. Would you mind sharing with me how you feel this economy has impacted your business? Thanks

Pamela Moore


Hello Pamela,

This is a really great question.  I know that the media and public see the current state of the economy as a negative right now.  There are a lot of people struggling and losing their homes, jobs, income, security and confidence. These things tend to make it all over the news.  We are inundated with talks of the economical collapses, and corporate and government shut downs which comes in the wake of decades of poor management of our countries resources.  This has definitely affected the local, corporate, as well as world, markets of today’s economies.
However, what most fail to see is; This [right now] is the single greatest time in our history to make the greatest economic change for the average person.  We are in a world of economic migration.  I believe, and most experts agree with me, the addition of the world wide web, social media, global economies and technological advances have offered up the greatest opportunities for the greatest number of people.
These innovations alone have had the greatest impact on my business.  For the first time in a really long time, American’s are recognizing that the social and economic principles of the industrial revolution no longer hold true or apply to the success and livelihood of today’s general population.  We are experiencing mass lay-offs and economic turmoil at the individual level.  The illusion of job security and the fringe comforts of a corporate retirement (pension, 401K, IRA or otherwise) are no longer the viable options we once believed them to be.  (Don’t Even Get Me Started on Social Security).
I am seeing that there are an increasing number of people who are just plain down and tired of following the path they were “taught” only to lose it all because they were playing a game that decided to change the rules along the way and didn’t bother to tell them.  These people are no longer looking for a “Plan B” they are desperately searching for a “Plan A”.  People are starting to ask all of the right questions; What do I do now to provide for myself and family?  Will I ever be able to afford retirement? What are my true options in this economy? Where do I find the solutions/ answers to my personal problems? How do I know who I can trust?
I think we can agree that these answers are not going to be found by looking to the government.  I also think we can agree that more and more of us are realizing that these answers cannot and should not be answered by the government.  They need to be handled and dove into at the personal and individual level.  What they are finding is that companies like mine are beginning to hear these questions and provide them with answers and solutions.
What I am seeing is that now more than ever, people are beginning to remember their history lessons. This country was founded on the simple, yet elegant and noble principle that every person has the God given right and is entitled to life, liberty and to the PURSUIT of happiness.
That pursuit of happiness is the trend shift I am seeing.  More and more people are taking it upon themselves to find their own happiness.  In my profession and what my company does, we encourage, incubate and facilitate these very same ideals.  We promote charity, prosperity and duty to self and others.  This is the real America our forefathers envisioned and died for.   They are the basic principles and tenets we as Americans lay claim to, and are the only real truths we have ever truly known.  They are the cement which unties us into one common mass, and society.
The economy has had some undoubtedly negative affects on the workers of Corporate America.  The social classes are converging into what is typically referred to as the “haves and have-nots”.   At least that is what the media will lead you to believe.  I like to believe that what we are really beginning to see is the convergence of two mental classes the “Do and Do-nots” This supports what I am seeing in my business and the impact that this economy has had on it.
I would say that what we are now seeing is a new wave of Independent Social Entrepreneurs.  We are seeing a shift in the mindset of many Americans who are realizing that there is not now nor ever has been anyone more reliable or responsible for your own future than you. They are realizing that by giving back/paying it forward, being part of the community and economy you truly become the driving force in your personal success.
I am very optimistic for the economy, my business, and what I do.  I have faith in mankind’s innate need for survival and tendencies towards good will.  I believe that we are only just now seeing the tip of the iceberg, and if the trends hold true, we will see some definite reformations at the grass-roots level of this countries economy in the very near future.